Bailey Boys Ankle Boots - Squeakers Shoes

Bailey Boys Ankle Boots - Squeakers Shoes

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Bailey Boys Ankle Boots - Squeakers Shoes
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Model: BailyBoyBoot
Brand: Mooshu Trainers

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Premium soft faux suede ankle boots are the cutest!

These ankle boots offer comfort, fun, and a side of adventure. Let’s go play outside!

Squeakers encourage proper heel to toe walking and you’ll know where your child is at all times!

  • Soft Navy / RED faux suede keep his little feet warm and cozy!
  • Gore laces
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Zipper closure for easy on and off
  • Breathable pigskin lining
  • Please see Size Chart! Allow a little room for socks and growth :)
  • Adorable toddler sizes for brothers and best friends!
  • Sturdy, tight stitching for dependable performance - Guaranteed!
  • Plenty of wiggle room in our roomy toe box.
  • Squeakers are removable by an adult
  • Children of all ages love them - watch them jump up and down, dance, walk with joy in their adorable shoes!

Size Chart

US     European    Aproximate Measurement Inches

4            20         5 inches

5            21         5 1/4  inches

6            22         5 1/2 inches

7            23         5 3/4 inches

8            24         6  inches

9            25         6 1/4 inches


  • FLEXIBLE RUBBER SOLE - bendable but durable - made for an ever-changing and growing baby and/or toddler foot. Our toddler shoes are soft enough for lap-play, bendable enough for new lil' toddlers, and sturdy enough for outdoor adventure!